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Private Medical Services

Private Services:
Any type of form that requires a GP to complete, please ensure that a covering letter is attached giving full and clear details of your requirement. Failure to do this will incur a delay in the completion of any documentation. All requests/payments should be made to the Insurance Department, 1st Floor, Room 7 or call directly on 0116 2848318

Below are just a few of the private services that we provide:
- Fit to Travel Certificate
- To Whom it may Concern letter
- Sickness/holiday insurance cancellation form
- Ofsted Health Declaration Booklet
- Medical Certificate requiring GP signature
- Fitness for Work examination
- Occupational Health Medical
- Medical Examination – Various
- HGV, PSV, Taxi Driver Medicals
- Adoption/Fostering Medical
- Special Constable Reference
- Private Sick Note
- Letter/Report
- NHS only Travel vaccinations – need to complete a travel form
- Holiday cancellation form

Some services are not covered under the NHS and for these, a charge will be incurred. Some of these fees are set by the British Medical Association and others are set by the Practice. Please note these fees will reflect both the GP’s time and professional opinion.

Unfortunately, due to the huge number of non-payments and late payments, the Practice has had to adopt a system of requesting our fee before the information is released. Payment can be made by debit or credit card in Room 7.