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We were surprised to find out that our patients were still going to the family planning clinics in Leicester and Hinckley for their contraceptive services.

We would like to dispel a few of the myths:

You have to go to the family planning clinic for the coil: No we have been fitting them for decades!

You have to go to the family planning clinic for the implant: No we have been fitting them Since they were first released in the UK.

We provide all the usual forms of reversible contraception: Confidential advice, Pills, IUDs, IUSs, Implants, Depot injections and Diaphragm (cap) fitting a well as emergency contraception. Sadly we cannot provide a regular supply of condoms.

It’s more confidential at the family planning clinic? We offer a confidential service to all of our patients.

Without wishing to denigrate the service of the “local” family planning clinics we would say that between us we have arguably got more experience in provision of these contraceptive services as well as having access to your medical history.